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27 Jul

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Please Call (804) 205-8883 for more info and to reserve a spot for you or your child…

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25 Jul

Two Beat Kick Freestyle Video

26 Feb

Just love the beauty and simplicity of this stroke!

Seeking the beauty and solitude of Nature

26 Nov
Lightning storm

Peaceful Solitude, Communing with the Natural World

Traveling unencumbered with time and distance…

The Trek

26 Nov

He’s on his trek:

My sense is that he’s on his trek heading up the 101 in Northern California, heading for the Redwoods. Now this is just my theory of what happening. So, left LA on the 16th, traveled north along the PCH (101) taking each day as it comes. We don’t know why this route was chosen in this moment in time to travel but looking carefully at his website, all the clues are there…I’m pretty sure he was in Eureka, CA on the 23rd, but now I just have to trust that he’s just on his journey Hanna Highway, Maui, Hawaii, United Statesand that he’ll return when the time is right…

(Un)finished Oil Selfie

13 May

Amazing work being created by Jacob Hurley at #jacobhurleyart.com, i am so Impressed!!!

Go Visit Him in Brooklyn, New York!!!
We #love #jacobhurleyart, !!!!!!


The finished yet unfinished oil painting by WILL COTTON. It was such a privilege to sit for him and hear the words of wisdom he shared with a group of up and coming artists at the New York Academy of Art!

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My Friend, Jim Earl CEO @ TEEM,LLC.

25 Mar

No better & more knowledgeable
Social Media, Reputation & overall online Marketing guru than Jim Earl. He does work for many charities & start-ups, as well as established companies!

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